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Wildlife presentation and tour/experience

$300.00 CAD

Are you looking for something fun and different to do this year? Be it a Party, Anniversary, or just a fun afternoon with your friends and/or family why not give them an experience that they will remember for a life time. Try a wildlife tour with Jason George (check google for reviews) and try to find an animal that you’ve never seen.

During your time with Jason, he will provide a fun wildlife presentation of his world travels and share an interactive display with you. He recently built a natural history museum complete with skulls, antlers, rocks, taxidermied animals and a dinosaur footprint. From there you will head out on a wildlife adventure to try your luck. This can be a walk or drive depending on season/weather and animals of interest. Wildlife tours start at $300 for 1-2 people (+100/person after). International options available. Wildlife isn’t guaranteted as Jason doesn’t bait, but a great experiences is promised.

If driving tour, one seat must be left open for Jason to travel with you, it is easier an safer for Jason to spot animals when not driving.

To find out more about Jason George check his website - or
his YouTube channel -

Till next time, stay safe and keep enjoying the wildlife!
Jason George

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