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Canadian Wildlife Game

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Canadian Wildlife Game

Want to see 25 of the coolest animals we have in Canada? This game is based on a ‘memory game’ or ‘concentration game’ but with wildlife photos. There are 2 photos of each animal that match, See Owls, wolves, bear, otters even moose plus so many more!!

This game is fun and exciting for those young and just learning animals and for those seasoned vets that want to keep their mind sharp. Hours of entertainment with no technology required.

This game can also be played in a ‘Go Fish’ manner, plus Jason has included some extension cards to make it a bit harder or more excited for those that need a twist of Jay. Use all 25 animals or pick just your favourite 15 animals for a quick game. The options and possibilities are endless.

To find out more about Jason George check his website - or
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Till next time, stay safe and keep enjoying the wildlife!
Jason George

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