Backyard Sanctuary Oasis for Wildlife Photographer

So, a little bit about my experience with my
newly certified Wildlife Garden and why I do it.

I’m a wildlife
photographer @jasongeorgephotography on social media. I love wildlife but I
know sometimes it’s tough to go travel to far destination to photograph
cheetahs in Africa or sloths in Costa Rica. Fortunately, I think that Canada
has some amazing wildlife. So, I decided to turn my backyard from what it once
was to a wildlife-friendly space. I continue to try to make improvements.

When I first moved in
it was mostly sand and blotchy grass. I know that I love the sound of water so
I started with the idea of building a pond and adding some gardens with
different trees and flowers that I like. I’m also a little bit lazy so I plant
perennials so they come up every year.

I also wanted to
create some privacy for myself. What better way to do that than natural trees?
I picked pines, cedars and evergreens (homes for animals) instead of leafy
trees as to not have to rake more leaves in the fall time.

I’ve loved the process
of designing and creating my wildlife habitat over the past three years. I’ve
got a lot of exercise doing it. I plan to keep modifying this year but I’m
getting close to a finished product, I think. I now have endless hours of joy
sitting back there listening to the waterfall and/or watching the animals come
and go through my yard.

Favourite Feature

My favourite feature
of my wildlife-friendly space is my pond, which I designed and created. It
wasn’t until I started digging my pond that I actually discovered that Canada
has tree frogs. Since then I’ve discovered three different species of tree
frogs in my backyard.

I love spending days
by my pond watching the tadpoles and fish swim, dragonflies and hummingbirds
stopping by, or listening to the frogs chirping. Hanging by my pond is one of
my favourite things to do — so much life and happiness and togetherness.

sometimes a mink comes by and cleans out my fish but it’s a part of the circle
of life, and I refill.

During winter 2019, I
was cleaning out my pond, getting it ready for winter when I noticed that frogs
were using it in the winter time, which means that my pond not only has
tadpoles in the springtime but also helps them live through the winter time.

Honestly, I can go
back there and plan to spend five minutes cleaning or just watching the fish,
and the next thing I know an hour and a half is gone by of pure bliss. It is
awesome, except when I end up late for work.

Share With Friends

My friends love to
come over and enjoy my animal sanctuary. They bring their kids to see the
habitat I’ve created — there’s always something going on. Maybe the bunny chops
some grass, or it could be a Praying Mantis flies by. If you’re really lucky, a
deer might be in the swamp behind.

Unfortunately, I
haven’t had the chance or opportunity to photograph all the animals yet. The
mink, the fox or the Snowy Owl that have visited my yard are definitely tops on
my list and hopefully one day I get to capture them and the other unknown
animals that frequent my sanctuary.

It is never to late to
start your wildlife-friendly habitat and you get hours of free entertainment.
So why not get started?

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